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Silicone Carbide Polishing Wheel

These Silicon Carbide Polishing wheel shaped high grade silicone carbide polishers measure 17x2.5mm and are impregnated with fast cutting abrasives for excellent and speedy polishing results.

  • Quantity - 6 Pcs (Sold in packs of 6 of the same grade)
  • The polishers come in four different grades
  • Coarse (white)      - for grinding away excess metal and pre-polishing
  • Medium (black)     - for smoothing and refining edges and surfaces
  • Fine Polish (blue)  - for high sheen polishing
  • Extra Polish (pink) - for ultra-high sheen polishing
  • Size: 17x2.5mm
  • They are easily attached to your pendant or hobby drill such as our Strong 204 Micro Motor/Foredom Motor with the addition of a Multichuck, using the mandrel For Wheel (no need to purchase one for each one as they can be quickly swapped between grades)
  • Mandrel available to purchase separately.
  • The coarser grades wear down much quicker than the finer ones so make sure you get plenty of coarse (white) and medium (black)

Note: Colour May Vary According To Availablity But The Grades Will Remain Same.

How to use: Simply work down through the grades to achieve a brilliantly professional finish in a fraction of the time it takes with sanding sheets. We always like to give a final polish with rouge, using polishing mops, wheels or points as we don't think it can be beaten for that sparkling mirror finish.

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